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Colombo Flora Base Pro

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Complete enriched soil and cover layer into one with a natural look and the following unique features.
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Colombo Flora Base Pro

Colombo FloraBase Pro is a complete enriched soil and cover layer into one with a natural look and the following unique features:

  • Lowers and stabilizes the pH of the water to a value of 6-6.5
  • Prevents pH fluctuations which the health of the fish strongly promotes 
  • Promotes the natural vegetation by higher CO2 concentration at a stable low pH 
  • Is porous, ensures proper flow of the soil, for healthy root growth and optimum soil bacteria growth and metabolism 
  • Contains humic acids and  helps absorption of pollutants and odors 
  • 100% natural, baked volcanic material, rich in natural minerals 
  • Lowers GH, makes hard water softer and thus reduce limescale Flora Base is ideally suited for aquariums with plants.  

Aquatic plant nutrients needed that they can absorbed through the roots. Flora Base includes baked lava particles, lava is known for its excellent moisturizing properties for plants. In addition, the lava particles are porous which allow flow and stimulates bacteria formation. Flora Base is a substrate that the pH of the aquarium water stabilizes around PH6, thereby the natural CO2 concentration in the water is naturally increased.  

For aquatic plants, this is ideal as a guide to low CO2 content in 90% of cases of impeding plant growth.  A second advantage is that the large amount of nutrients are better absorbed by plants, making them grow simply better. 

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