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Colombo Co2 Advance Set

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Plants need CO2 for their growth. During the day, when there is light, plants absorb CO2 and produce oxygen. During the night this process reverses, CO2 is released and oxygen absorbed.
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Colombo Co2 Advance Set

Plants need CO2 for their growth. During the day, when there is light, plants absorb CO2 and produce oxygen. During the night this process reverses, CO2 is released and oxygen absorbed.

Due to the fact that aquarium plants grow underwater, they need to absorb CO2 from the water. In normal conditions, aquarium water does not contain sufficient amounts of CO2 for healthy growth. With a CO2 system, CO2 gas is added to the water. The plants can absorb the CO2 from the water. 

The Colombo CO2 advance set contains a pressure cylinder with 95 gram CO2, a pressure regulator, a 3-in-1 diffuser and all connections.

With the pressure regulator, the flow of CO2 gas to the diffuser can be adjusted. A bubble counter is incorporated in the diffuser, by counting the bubbles released in a specific time frame the amount of CO2 added can be determined. The diffuser produces very fine bubbles so the gas is well absorbed by the water.

The Colombo CO2 Advance Set contains the following parts:

  1. 3-in-1 CO2-diffuser

  2. Hose guide

  3. CO2-hose

  4. Pressure regulator

  5. Disposable cylinder with 95 gram of CO2

  6. Cylinder standard

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